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The Stacks

This section contains several longer works that are not generally available and yet are important to the study of northern Thai church history.

Doctoral Dissertation. "Prelude to Irony: The Princeton Theology and the Practice of Presbyterian Missions in Northern Siam, 1867-1880" in both html and pdf versions.

Master's Thesis. "This Heathen People: The Cognitive Sources of American Missionary Westernizing Activities in Northern Siam, 1867-1889."

Krischak Muang Nua. A history of the northern Thai Church, 1868 to 1920, which I originally published privately in 1984.

Protestant Attitudes Towards Other Faiths This study reports and analyzes the data collected from a questionnaire on northern Thai Protestant attitudes towards people of other of faiths, which was distributed in early 2004.

History of the Laurel Presbyterian Church. My family and I lived in Laurel , Maryland , from 1984 to 1987 while I was doing graduate work at the University of Maryland . During that time, we became involved in the life of the Laurel Presbyterian Church, and in the course of things I offered to write the history of the congregation.