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Herb's  Research Bulletin

Revised October 2011

Herb's Research Bulletin (HeRB) is a free electronic journal, which is intended to serve as a clearing house for research related to the history of Protestantism in Thailand, particularly the Church of Christ

in Thailand (CCT). The first issue (HeRB 1) was sent out in March 2002 as an email attachment and it was only with HeRB 5 that HeRB was located onto this website, beginning in March 2003. After I returned to the United States in December 2004, I was able to produce only one more issue of HeRB, which became the final issue.

Since 2004, the contents of the individual issues have gone through some editing, and I have deleted from them some contents not related to Thai church history.  I assume that what you see here will be their final form, and

I trust that you will find HeRB leaner and easier to use. As always, I also trust that you will find HeRB's articles, notes, news items, and reviews useful. Thank you for visiting

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